An Open Letter from Jesus to Men During Lent

Dear Brother, It has indeed been awhile since we last connected.  I know you have many distractions right now and the mere thought of taking time away from all that is demanded of you would sound completely unrealistic. Despite that, I have been praying for you and especially for your strength.  I... [Read more...]

Time for Healing…Christ is Waiting

Christ Jesus never forces His great desire to bring healing into our lives.  He waits patiently for each of us to realize that we need help.  All too often, our Redeemer is the last resort for those of us who devour self-help books, attend conferences and workshops which promise to deliver us from... [Read more...]

Samson XI Recap

What a blessing this past retreat was for me and the men in attendance.  God continues to provide all the grace necessary to enable us to make these retreats so transformational in the lives of the retreat attendees.  Fr. Jim Hutchins was a huge blessing to all of us through his service as chaplain.... [Read more...]

Samson XI quickly approaching

Once again, healing awaits you brother!  It is amazing how difficult it is to get men to face themselves when it comes to healing the demons of their past.  Perhaps the past is too dark.  Or perhaps they don’t see the need.  I suspect it is a combination for some and for others, frankly, it... [Read more...]

Collaborative Complimentarity in Healing Journey?

Recently, at the Masculine Genius Institute summit in Chicago, I heard the words “collaborative complimentarity” as the best means of describing the proper interaction between men and women, especially as it pertains to their God given gifts as male and female.  In fact, one of the speakers... [Read more...]

10th Healing Retreat & Top 10 Things We’ve Learned

Hard to believe it was 5 years ago this November that we launched our inaugural healing retreat offering for the men of the Church! This month, we will host our tenth healing retreat for men.  Over 200 men have experienced God’s healing hand and touch on these amazing retreat weekends. Will you... [Read more...]

An 11th Hour God

Friends, the more I live, the more I am convinced that our Lord is pleased to make us wait on Him for all our needs.  His timing is never on our schedule, but His timing is always perfect and usually at the 11th hour.  This is a reality of the Christian faith walk that is, at times, very frustrating,... [Read more...]

Empathy…Men are Terrible!

“It is easy to get angry or spend money–anyone can do that.  But to act the right way toward the right person, in due proportion, at the right time, for the right reason, and in the right manner–this is not easy, and not everyone can do it.”  -Aristotle My wife just recently... [Read more...]

Lent + Sacrifice = Healing

How’s your Lenten journey thus far?  Are you having a spiritually productive Lent?  Are you making progress in your spiritual life?  No or not sure?  Well, don’t worry.  Progress is not always visible.  We must continue on the journey regardless of whether we feel good or not.  The... [Read more...]

Samson IX Quickly Approaching March 17

So many men continue to ask God to send them help for their problems, addictions, pains, trials and daily struggles.  Don’t they realize the answer lies every week in the Holy Eucharist?  Do they really believe that help can be found there?  Has the source and summit of our Catholic faith ever... [Read more...]

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