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    It is with great pleasure that I announce to the Church this exciting new retreat program for men called "Samson." This healing outreach of The King's Men apostolate is designed to offer men hope and healing from past hurts, pain and current struggles in their lives.

    I am humbled by the opportunity to walk with these men on their journey towards freedom from their abusive and painful past. It is my sincere hope that this retreat will be an answer for those who have long been in silence about their story. For those who have been waiting for an invitation to be set free from the chains that have been keeping them from coming alive as men and fulfilling their great mission in life...welcome!

    - Founder, Mark Houck

  • "Then Samson prayed to the Lord, 'O Sovereign Lord, remember me! O God, please strengthen me just once more'..." Judges 16:28
Samson Retreat

About the Retreat

Next Retreat is November 5-8, 2020 in Hammonton, NJ
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75% of Americans know a victim of abuse…consider inviting them to Samson
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30 men can attend Samson so reserve your spot soon!