Less than 2 Months till Samson XIX

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This retreat is going to be special!  They all are special, but this retreat has the makings of one of the best experiences we have ever offered at our apostolate as far as retreat offerings go.  Why would I say that?  I say that for quite a few reasons.

With each retreat, we grow in wisdom and knowledge of both the healing needs of men and our complimentary program dynamics.  With this one being our 19th offering to men, we have many lessons learned from previous retreats as well as acquired experience with our veteran leadership team.

  1. We have our first attendee from Europe (Switzerland) coming to this retreat–that’s just exciting in itself!
  2. All of our daily Masses will be offered for the first time at a TKM, Inc. sponsored retreat, “ad orientem”
  3. We will be offering men an opportunity to enroll in St. Maximilian Kolbe’s Militia Immaculata on our weekend–that’s just cool and special!
  4. My brother-in-law will be attending–this is a first for me.  I have never had a family member join this retreat experience and I can’t wait to share this beautiful program with him
  5. Our witness talks, will be powerful!  The men who are planning on coming to serve this weekend, have amazing personal stories that I know will touch hearts and reach men in new ways!

So it is obvious that I am excited, but how about you?  Why should you come?  What’s in it for you?

Well, I can tell you dear brother, that the Samson Retreat experience is like no other in the Church today when it comes to healing.  There are wonderful programs offered in the Church that mirror in some ways our approach at Samson, but I have yet to see anything that replicates it.  Yes, I am biased as the founder, but I am also well versed in program offerings in the Church today and I am just hard pressed to find a program that offers truly what we offer men at Samson.  

Is it better than any other retreat?  I will not be so brazen to say that, but I can say that the healing program we offer has quite literally changed lives, brought for some instant healing and for others, lasting long-term healing.  

The retreat is contained at a perfect spot in the gorgeous pine lands and blueberry fields in Hammonton, NJ.  Easily accessible to all via Philadelphia (45 min away), Atlantic City (20 min away), Newark (90 minutes) airports,

Samson is nestled in a prime area where peace, comfort, solitude and silence is offered a plenty.  

Come and see what Samson is all about!  I can personally guarantee that you will not regret that you did.  God is waiting for you.  He wants to meet you in the midst of your current pain, discomfort, struggles, trials, embarrassment, humiliation, stress, anxiety, and confusion.

We currently have 10 openings for men.  If you want to be here, we can help you get here.  Email me at mark@thekingsmen.org or call 2679805507.

I hope to see you in Hammonton on April 2nd!

God bless you,

Mark Houck

Founder of the Samson Healing Retreat for Men 

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