About the Retreat

The goal of the “Samson” retreat is to help men confront past trauma or the issue of ongoing or past abuse in their lives.

Many men are victims of sexual, emotional, physical, verbal, and even spiritual abuse, yet seldom – if ever – confront this past or present situation head-on. The same goes for men who have encountered trauma, whether in the line of duty or chance happening, who have buried their past in a desperate pursuit of peace. At Samson, men will have the opportunity to allow God’s grace to penetrate these dark places of trauma and abuse.

Catholic Men's Retreat

The purpose of the retreat is not to offer clinical help or therapy to the participants, but to allow the graces that flow through the Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation, Adoration, the prayer of the Holy Rosary, and other devotionals to do the healing work. At Samson, we bring our struggles to the cross not as individuals, but as a loyal band of brothers journeying toward freedom.

The weekend has an experiential element to it, which will allow men to use their God-given gift of masculinity to glorify God, build each other up, and bring further healing and freedom to their lives. We hope to have you join us at our next retreat.