Less than 2 Months till Samson XIX

Brothers, This retreat is going to be special!  They all are special, but this retreat has the makings of one of the best experiences we have ever offered at our apostolate as far as retreat offerings go.  Why would I say that?  I say that for quite a few reasons. With each retreat, we... [Read more...]

Accountability Part IV

Moving on in this series on accountability to part four.  This blog will likely be the most difficult one to write and articulate as it focuses on the areas where a man has fallen into the more dark areas of his life.   I mentioned in the last blog that I will be addressing and offering some... [Read more...]

Accountability Part III

Okay, we are moving on in this accountability reflection to part three, which will begin to examine the type of content that your accountability partner is looking at.  In my work with men over the course of the past 15 years, I have yet to see this issue addressed per se, so I pray that this blog... [Read more...]

Accountability Part Two

Alright, the long awaited Part II of the Accountability blogs that I promised.  In the first blog, I defined accountability and why it is so hard for men to deliver to another man.  Lets assume for this blog that the accountability process has begun and two men are venturing in relatively unknown... [Read more...]

10 Solid Reasons Why Men are So Complex

Here we are with just under 3 months to go till our next healing retreat offering for men.  This retreat continues to be a staple of TKM, Inc. programs for men and one which is always difficult to recruit for.  Why is it so difficult?  The simple answer is because men are complex.  Okay,... [Read more...]

Accountability: what is it & why is it so hard for men to offer other men?

Accountability for a man is not an easy one to offer or even broach with a man let alone offer something of value in a short blog.  In my 16 years of full-time men’s ministry, I have found little to nothing offered on effective accountability to another brother in the Lord.  Sure there... [Read more...]

Samson 18 Awaits You!

We have learned much about men’s healing since 2012.  One of the lessons we have learned is that men are often reluctant to address their own healing.  The reasons men are so hesitant are various, but here are a few of the main ones: Men don’t think they actually need healing; Men... [Read more...]

Two Samson Retreats Completed in 2019

Brothers, So much to update you on as regards the Samson outreach since the beginning of the year.  We took this amazing transformational retreat to Prescott, AZ on February 14th.  Our 16th installment of this retreat, this Samson was truly unique and offered us an amazing experience with the... [Read more...]

A place of healing, centered on the Eucharist

Written by: Justin Harper My first introduction to The King’s Men came a little less than three years ago, when a dear friend of mine and fellow missionary, Mike Dill, invited me to come with him to an Into the Wild retreat in Show Low, AZ. That summer ended up being a bad time for me, and so I had... [Read more...]

Samson XV Concludes – Eyes Set on March 2019

Another Samson Retreat has ended and another year of programming is over for The King’s Men.  The Samson Retreat has become a staple offering to our apostolate and program year.  We begin each year with the Samson Retreat during Lent and then conclude with another healing experience just before... [Read more...]

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