Samson 18 Awaits You!

We have learned much about men’s healing since 2012.  One of the lessons we have learned is that men are often reluctant to address their own healing.  The reasons men are so hesitant are various, but here are a few of the main ones: Men don’t think they actually need healing; Men... [Read more...]

Two Samson Retreats Completed in 2019

Brothers, So much to update you on as regards the Samson outreach since the beginning of the year.  We took this amazing transformational retreat to Prescott, AZ on February 14th.  Our 16th installment of this retreat, this Samson was truly unique and offered us an amazing experience with the... [Read more...]

A place of healing, centered on the Eucharist

Written by: Justin Harper My first introduction to The King’s Men came a little less than three years ago, when a dear friend of mine and fellow missionary, Mike Dill, invited me to come with him to an Into the Wild retreat in Show Low, AZ. That summer ended up being a bad time for me, and so I had... [Read more...]

Samson XV Concludes – Eyes Set on March 2019

Another Samson Retreat has ended and another year of programming is over for The King’s Men.  The Samson Retreat has become a staple offering to our apostolate and program year.  We begin each year with the Samson Retreat during Lent and then conclude with another healing experience just before... [Read more...]

Samson XV – Milestone, Anticipated Sell Out & Hope for Scandal Victims!

On November 8th, the 15th Samson Healing Retreat will be held in Hammonton, NJ.  We are excited about the potential for this next retreat.  We have men traveling in from California, Oklahoma and Maine as of now.  This retreat has literally changed the course of men’s lives and with the most... [Read more...]

Helping a Man Work Through Verbal Abuse

Have you been verbally assaulted by another person?  Has someone ever said something that has cut you down so severely that you had to consult others for guidance during the time of processing what was said?  Has anyone ever spoke so harshly to you that you were paralyzed while they were tearing you... [Read more...]

Samson XIV – Great time for a retreat!

Here we are with another Lenten Journey upon us!  It feels not too long ago that I posted a popular open letter on this site from Jesus to men during Lent: CLICK HERE TO READ I pray that you are experiencing the healing love of Jesus Christ in your daily life.  If you are not, perhaps you could consider... [Read more...]

Samson in Maine or Alaska in 2018?

Fresh off a fantastic retreat November 2-5 in Hammonton, NJ, I am left to ponder the next steps for this healing retreat offering from The King’s Men.  I am not convinced that God wants the retreat to stay only in NJ.  However, God has not revealed His Holy Will as yet, so we persevere and ponder... [Read more...]

Not too late to attend Samson XIII

Dear Brother, If you would like to come to next Samson Retreat taking place November 2-5, 2017 just email In Christ’s healing love, Mark J. Houck Founder  Read More →

Samson XIII quickly approaching…Will you be there?

Hard to believe, but we are less than two months away from our next Samson Healing Retreat Weekend, November 2-5 at the sacred grounds of the Discovery House in Hammonton, NJ.  Since 2012, nearly 200 men have been converging at the Samson Retreat for some incredible healing and transformation.  Words... [Read more...]

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