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When God heals you, it is finished.  There is no more need of petition for this concern in your life.  So many men receive healing only to find themselves continually asking God for help for that specific issue in their life.  God has already provided His benevolent mercy and love and now we hold Him in contempt by asking for such again and again.  I believe the definition of insanity can be applied here.

Here’s the rub brothers.  When God has touched you with His healing hand, it is our duty to move forward with confidence knowing that His work is completed.  We must claim our healing and live in that knowledge and love.  It is an indictment on our faith in God when we continually question God and if a healing has truly taken place.  I know we are only human and prone to sin, but we are acting like a defiant son who does not believe or trust in his father’s goodness when we say that God has not fulfilled His promises to us.  

I believe, the two main issues here are a lack of trust and fear of entering into the unknown.  

First, let us address the lack of trust.  It is a lack of trust to say that you have not been healed by God when you have petitioned Him and you have felt His loving touch and embrace on a retreat like Samson or anything else whereby you have had a similar healing experience.  Now, the issue is not whether your desired petition is fulfilled the way you want it to be, but that we trust God for the way He deems it to be.  Many of us put requests before God and rescind those same requests when they are not carried out the exact way we would want them to be.  When we beseech God for His help, we surrender to His holy will, yes?  If you don’t believe that, then it is no wonder that you question whether you are healed.  God’s ways are not our ways and His plans are always better than our own.  We must trust in His Fatherly goodness to His children.  He knows what we need better than we do.  We must claim His control over our lives even in the areas where we are most vulnerable and where it hurts the most.

Secondly,  when you are healed, there is always a required movement away from self-pity and self-loathing.  In other words, when God has healed you, you must move into a place of confidence and courage.  Allow me to explain further.  Many men I believe fail to claim their healing from God because it means they must change and move forward into a place that they have either never traveled or have long forgotten what that place even looks like.  It is a foreign place and so unknown to that man that often he will reject such a journey because it is better to stay in the place where he has grown relatively comfortable.  This is the man that complains about all his failures and inability to get ahead in this life because of all his ailments physically, emotionally, intellectually or yes, even spiritually.  He is a whining man who is constantly seeking a magic pill that will somehow take away his struggles, trials and pain without any work on his own part.  

The Samson Retreat helps men address both of these issues.  Men powerfully work through their lack of trust of men, self and God on our weekends together. They are gently yet firmly pushed to move into the place of healing with confidence and courage knowing that they are a beloved son of God, the brother of Christ Jesus with a great band of brothers beside them and who will support them on their journey.

Won’t you consider coming to the next Samson Healing Retreat for Men?  The dates are November 5-8, 2020 at the Discovery Retreat House in Hammonton, NJ.  

Your brother in Christ’s healing love,

Mark J, Houck, Sr,

Founder of the Samson Healing Retreat for Men 

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