Mike: Rochester, NY

After attending the Sampson Retreat I was hit with the reality that I had been suffering from trauma for 40 years.  I had issues of abuse, abandonment and loss of friends while serving in the military and years of working as a fire fighter.  At Sampson, I came to the realization that nothing I attempted in the past made sense or worked.   The most amazing event was that in several days of hanging out with guys that had suffered the same trials and tribulations as myself, I was able to achieve peace with God’s divine intervention. I was able to accept and come to terms with the trauma and Demon’s from my past.  I have been to many therapist over the years and always walked away frustrated and feeling worse then before I arrived.  With the aid of The King’s Men I was able to turn my pain over to the lord.  The Samson retreat is a great place to accept what you have experienced, learn from it and come to the understanding that you are not alone.

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