Samson in Maine or Alaska in 2018?

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FairbanksmaineFresh off a fantastic retreat November 2-5 in Hammonton, NJ, I am left to ponder the next steps for this healing retreat offering from The King’s Men.  I am not convinced that God wants the retreat to stay only in NJ.  However, God has not revealed His Holy Will as yet, so we persevere and ponder His mighty plans.

What we do know…

There is a desire among those who have attended Samson to share this program with other men and the diocese from which they hail.  Thus far, the greatest and latest interest has come from Maine and Alaska.  Over the years, we have vetted interest from Pittsburgh, California, Louisiana, Florida and Wisconsin.  To date, the program has remained at the Discovery House in Mullica Township, NJ.

This program is a very special program and, one, which I believe can be duplicated in other cities.  Discerning if this is God’s will or not is something that I will be spending the winter doing.  Please join me in this discernment and let me know if you have a desire to bring this amazing and transformative retreat to your area.

Email and express your thoughts and share your interests for the development of this program.

A very blessed and healing Advent to all!



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