Samson Offering Healing In Season or Out

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Dear Brothers,

This is a tough time for many of us.   We live in uncertain days, which are unprecedented in these modern times with regards to the COVID-19 virus outbreak.  As of this writing, our Samson retreat for April 2-5 is still scheduled, but that is always subject to change given protocols both locally and nationally.  Our retreat is a small one and the retreat location is conveniently very isolated in the Pinelands of South Jersey.  We are expecting 14-16 men for this retreat and the Divine Physician to be truly and fully present on our weekend.  The same Jesus Christ, who walked and healed so many in his company 2000 years ago, is still healing and touching souls today.   That’s right, God’s healing touch is still a very present reality for all of us. 

With extra sanitary precautions being taken, and a small gathering of brothers, we will be praying, interceding for one another, the world, and inviting God’s healing touch into our lives.  It seems strange while so many are quarantining themselves in their homes, we will essentially be doing the same thing, but as a small band of brothers at the Discovery House in Hammonton, NJ.  We will be quarantined for sure.  Our retreat, in a very real sense, will be detached and apart from worldliness, TV news and the many pandemic problems.   We have an oasis awaiting us men.  

We continue to pray for the world and for the outbreak to cease, yet we are also called to still be leaven in the world, yes?.  The great commission to make disciples of men still continues despite worldly problems, no?  Yes, we move with extra caution and prudence, but we still move.  We move to fulfill God’s will in our lives both in season and out.  God is still inviting us to deeper faith and union with Him. Yes, he invites even during a pandemic.  

The Samson Retreat, as of this writing, plans to be a great sign of hope both for the men attending, their families at home and, yes, even the world.  The power of prayer, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and the Holy Rosary will be our weapons to wage battle on our weekend.  Oh and yes, the Theology of the Cross, will be our example of how to live.  We will learn and take this home to our families and communities and enter back into society equipped with a healed heart, mind and body.

God’s will be done!


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