The retreat opened up some hidden brokenness and a very hardened head and heart.  The Lord began a powerful healing then and He is continuing to heal me in many ways.  I left a lot of baggage and pain in that place. I am now confident that He will see this great work of His to completion for my entire family.  

Doug, Phoenix, AZ

It was transformative and a true blessing.  I am so happy that I made it finally.  I am the Father’s beloved son.

Chris, Perkasie, PA

The men formed an important part of my healing and they were instruments of God’s grace.  I continue to have in my heart all the blessings I received from this powerful weekend.

Eugene, Pittsburgh, PA

Christ continues to provide healing on these weekends despite our individual brokenness and feeble attempts to control all outcomes as it pertains to our lives and ministry.

Mark, East Greenville, PA

After attending the Samson Retreat I was hit with the reality that I had been suffering from trauma for 40 years.  I had issues of abuse, abandonment and loss of friends while serving in the military and years of working as a fire fighter. read more

Mike, Rochester, NY

Samson began to transform my pain. That weekend was one of my first steps in realizing that I would be OK, and of learning to trust Jesus completely with my life.  I was now on the road to becoming the man God wants me to be, but know that He loves me just as I am, right now.  read more

Timothy, Buffalo, NY

A man desirous of examining, and gently confronting, the hurts and pains of brokenness in a spiritually supportive community setting, will find the opportunity to do so in the Samson experience. Pastors who are looking for a way to assist their parishioners in need of support, encouragement and healing from wounds of the past, will find a reliable means of assistance in the Samson Retreat Weekend. read more

Fr. Michael DiGregorio, Samson Chaplain

Samson brought a deeper meaning to me about what true healing from the power of Christ is, and what it will do for you if you let him enter your heart through this transformative experience. read more

Matthew, Long Island, NY

The Samson Retreat made me realize that I had been attacked by the evil spirit ever since I was a little boy.  At the age of 6 I was physically and mentally abused by a Catholic nun. read more

Mark, Philadelphia, PA

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