Samson XIV – Great time for a retreat!

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pinelands of NJHere we are with another Lenten Journey upon us!  It feels not too long ago that I posted a popular open letter on this site from Jesus to men during Lent:


I pray that you are experiencing the healing love of Jesus Christ in your daily life.  If you are not, perhaps you could consider attending our next healing retreat?  Perhaps, if I tell you a little about what happens on the retreat then you might consider the offering.  Perhaps, I should tell you what it is not first.

What Samson is NOT:

  • Samson is not a charismatic healing experience.  Although, we have great respect for the Charismatic Renewal, Samson does not incorporate any Charismatic healing experiences e.g. laying on of hands or a healing service.
  • Samson is not a clinical experience whereby men will be interviewed or be discussing their past with a certified clinician or therapist.
  • Samson is not a feminized offering.
  • Samson is not boring set of lectures and indoor activities that require a man to journal to process his feelings.

What Samson is?

  • Samson is a combination of outdoor experiences as well as indoor activities that are designed to stimulate a man’s processing of his past and present manly journey.
  • Samson is a small retreat nestled in the bucolic Wharton State Forest that is part of the gorgeous Pinelands of New Jersey.
  • Samson is a retreat that features “comfort food” and comfortable retreat accommodations.
  • Samson is a place where a man can feel safe to share his story if he so desires.
  • Samson is a powerful experience that has successfully enabled men to find the courage to forgive and the strength to discover the freedom that has long escaped them.

There it is plainly spelled out for your consideration.  Please call 2679805507or email to register for the next retreat in March.

In Christ’s healing love,

Mark Houck

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