Samson XIX Cancelled–Time for Greater Trust

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Hello men!  

Unfortunately, like so many other events and programs in our lives, TKM, Inc. had to cancel the Samson Retreat offering that would be taking place this weekend (4/2-5).  There are so many variables that we played out to make it still happen, but it appears for some mysterious reason, God has allowed, even what we perceived as purely good and holy intentions, the momentum to cease.  So many graces were being poured out in our journey towards this particular retreat experience that I was convinced that God was going to somehow miraculously enable our retreat to still take place.  In the end, “God’s ways are not our ways” as the Good Book says and so we are left but to trust.  

We trust in another day, or weekend, whereby we can come together for God’s healing embrace and touch.  Now, we must persevere in that trust that God promises us good things.  God wants to give His children many good things.  I pray that you hold onto those promises in these uncertain times.  It is vital that you hold onto His promise that He will not forsake nor abandon you in your time of need. It is clear that God desires to do something else in our journey of faith and healing at this time.  We are left, as I said, to trust in that knowledge.  The knowledge that there is a God, and I am not he.  These are often words that I would share at the Samson Retreat experience and so we must let go of the things that we cannot control now.  The 700+ year old Serenity Prayer comes to mind:

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;

The strength to the change the things I can;

And the wisdom to know the difference.

Truly, we must embrace this prayer’s timeless wisdom.  There are things we cannot control.  The COVID-19 is really out of our control.  We are left to ask God to help us grow at this time of uncertainty.  We ask for the grace to be obedient to our leaders and their health and safety directives.  We ask for the courage for all priests to persist in their call and duties as a priest to bring the sacraments to God’s people, especially the Anointing of the Sick to those who are suffering and potentially dying. 

There are so many wonderful and good things that can come from this time, if we open our eyes to such.  The tangible reality of the Divine Physician’s healing hand and touch is not as we perceive.  May we open our minds to the ways in which God can still heal at this time.  God’s healing is sill possible and the healing power of the cross is still offering us what we need.  

Please, I beg you! Don’t empty the cross of its healing power during this time.  If I have learned anything from the many healing journeys we have taken men on, it is this: God is able to do whatever He wills.  He can stop a hurricane from affecting buildings 20 miles from the eye of the storm and from being torn apart or from long-term electrical power outages (November 1-4, 2012 – Hurricane Sandy).  God can give a man the courage to forgive himself, and those who hurt him (every Samson retreat from 2012-2019).  God can preserve his creation from forest fire (2014 Samson Retreat where our stations of the cross were miraculous saved from destruction).  God can allow the image of His own mother to appear on a piece of wood for men to see and find strength and healing (Samson 2013).  God can even make the sun dance for men on an early morning sunrise hike (Samson 2012).

So let us not be afraid.  Trust in God’s goodness and grace.  It is indeed sufficient in these times.

Your brother in Christ,

Mark Houck

Founder of the Samson Healing Retreat Program for Men

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