Matt-Long Island, NY

I had been on a journey of healing for awhile. Samson brought a deeper meaning to me about what true healing from the power of Christ is, and what it will do for you if you let him enter your heart through this transformative experience. Mark, Matt and the Samson team are sincerely dedicated to helping men on the path to healing. Sharing with other men, you are able to learn from each other  how to draw strength for the future.

Jesus is present in our life in all that we do. He gives us the choice to come to him or not. But with Samson, you learn in a profound way what it means to totally surrender to him and accept the healing power and presence he freely offers.

In the weeks and months following the retreat I continue to be amazed at how my deeper level of Christ’s healing presence continues to grow and how that new level of strength has armed me to move forward.

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